CharacterControl substitution for collision checking

As the title implies, im seeking for an substitution for Collison Detection between a CharacterControl (that is bound to a CapsuleCollisionShape) and another PhysicsObject (mostly RigidBody or Ghost) . I want to have around 100 - 200 kinematic PhysicsObjects (bound to CapsuleCollisionShape) that will be manually positioned in the PhysicsSpace. Having 200 CharacterControls would be an overkill imo, because i dont need the exact physical behaviour of CharacterControl (checking for step up/step down etc), i just want the other objects to collide properly, as they would with a CharacterControl.

Is there something better than a kinematic PhysicsRigidBody bound to CapsuleCollisionShape?

Kinematic RigidBody… but you have to test what performs better in the end… In theory its the kinematic RigidBody because the Character is a GhostObject and a RigidBody.

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Ok thanks will try that out.