CharacterNode, downward platform, bumpiness

A playerCharacterNode is standing on a downward moving physicsNode(BoxCollisionShape).

The problem is, the character will move forward only when onGround is true.

But, when the platform is moving downward, the physicsCharacterNode is not moving accordingly/with the platform. The platform moves down a little, then the characterNode moves down fill in tha gap, so, there is always a bumpiness. They are not going/moving smoothly together.

so majority of the time, when the characterNode is on the platform, the onGround is false & i cannt move at all.

What can i do to solve this problem?

Haha retro feeling, this reminds mo of Half-Life 1 engine, where you could stuck in lifts a very same way^^

Since the character is a kinematic physics you could

in update check if player on eleveator (trace) and if onground = false (player floats over elevator) set the position with setposition to the trace hitposition ( assuming your foot is the Players center, else you have to calculate a offset ontop of it) This way you should always stay on the elevator and have only minior problems

Maybe you can increase the fallspeed while the character is above the platform or add a downwards element to walkingDirection? Idk, maybe ask on the bullet forum too.