I'm wondering how to incorporate characters with physics… should the character be in a dynamic physics node, and if so what's the best way to actually move it around… (does translating the node suffice?)


Usually you should not simply translate a DynamicPhysicsNode, it's better to do this with forces applied to the node. Or you could have wheels… or it could walk… :slight_smile:

But it really depends on your character representation.

Okay, I'm applying a force to my object.  At the moment it's only a box.  My problem right now is that the box tends to lift up in the front when I remove the force.  Is there any way to avoid this?  The mass of the box is 50 and gravity is 9.8, so I'd expect it to act more earth like.

Hmm, do you probably apply a downward force? Otherwise I wouldn't know why it should be lifted when taking the force away…

Did you have a look at the tests/tutorials? There is user controlled box.

No downward force… which tests/tutorials are you talking about??? (I'm using the new Physics)

Lesson8 of the jME Physics 2 tutorials (in CVS) shows a simple box-shape player.

irrisor said:

Or you could have wheels... or it could walk... :)
But it really depends on your character representation.

How would you suggest making a character 'walk'?  I have a tall skinny box, roughly the shape and size of a human, and I'm looking to make it walk, or even slide, in an upright orientation. I've tried the surface motion used in Tutorial 8, as well as applying a force to the center.  Both (not surprisingly) simply had the effect of knocking the box over.  (lowering the center of mass substantially keeps it standing, but perhaps there is another approach?)

Maybe change the material of the player box to ice or something, so that the friction doesn't tip it over. This won't keep it up all the time though like if you get hit with a ball or something.

I've put inside Jano model - character with animation - andI would like to make him wolk, so,

I've tryed moving him by localtranslation, worldtranslation and applying a force thru x and z direction.

Nothin appened.

The joints present inside model is considered by physics system ?