Chase Camera and terrain

I know this might be considered an all too common request, but I’ll put this out here anyway. With the recent developments of the bullet physics and the implementations of the chaseCam. Would or is it possible to implement a feature to the chaseCam to be aware of the terrain surroundings? I’m curious on this, and I’m sure others are as-well. Maybe a way to encapsulate the chaseCam into an aware physics space such as a containing sphere? My apologies if this has been covered and I missed it. Imo this could offer a bit more flexibility in the uses of the chaseCam in concert of the great jME terrain system terraMonkey :slight_smile:

I’m just voicing my opinion :slight_smile:

I was thinking this could be useful as well! So instead of the camera being able to go through the terrain (when your spatial is on a lower ground and there’s a hill next to it), making it kind of ride along the terrain.

I havn’t put much thought into this (still beginning…) but it would be an interesting thing to have.

I second the motion :wink:

Someone posted a raycasting chase cam once on the forum …

I made an issue (enhancement) in the tracker

This is based on an old version of the cam so it would need to be merged with the new one.

I did not had time to test this yet.

But…it will be done eventually :wink: