Chase camera not rotating and and cursor always visible

I haven’t updated in a while until today and now my customized chase camera refuses to free look instead no matter what I do the cursor is always visible and stops at the edges of the screen…um what has change and how do I get back my freely rotating chasecam and no set cursor visible to false has no effect in simple reappears in seems to have something to do with drag to rotate being set to off…as I said I use a customized chasecam, so this doesn’t seem specific to chasecam.

help please

Sounds like you still have the fly cam enabled. Used to be that you could disable this in simpleInit() but now you can remove it completely instead of just “hiding” it.

Search the forum (google search box) for FlyCamAppState and you’ll find how to remove it.

edit: though I can’t explain the cursor issue, though. I could be wrong.

thanks man this solved the issue …still though a weird design decision…considering how it screws up other camera tools I suppose there is a warning somewhere :? but still…

No, it used to be that you had a fly cam whether you wanted it or not. Then you had to go through a bunch of steps to remove it.

Now you can either create your SimpleApp subclass with no default behavior at all or specifically remove the flyCam completely. There was only so much backwards compatibility that I could provide, unfortunately.

k cool, I get u

Thank God I found this topic xD I loaded my old game project and tried to play, and noticed the cursor was visible whatever I tried. I was freaking out, thinking I had released the game with the cursor visible (it doesn’t run well if the cursor is visible).