Chase camera probs

hi all,

I am a little bit of a noob and I need some help with the chase camera I am working on a simple flight sim and I want the cam to follow the UFO I am flying around. I am using the same cam setup as flagrush tutorial, and am using simplegame I hope y'all can help.

if you search for chasecamera, you see a lot of people who have problems setting it up right.

You can look at it as an example.

I'd suggest creating your own inputhandler or camera node and go from there.

as an example:

thanks, I will try that out, but I was thinking, could I attach a camera to the node that the airplane is on and have it automatically be updated when the plane moves? or do I have to hava a special camnode attached to the airplane node. also I need some help with particle systems and shaders, they seem to escape me and I haven't used them

thanks, mungoman

If you want to mount the cam to the airplane, simple create a CameraNode and attach it to your plane.