Chasecam does not care about maximumRotation

I do this to my chasecam:



7 is above pi*2 thus it should allow me to rotate how much I ever want.

But I can’t.

The chasecam wont allow me to rotate beyond 0 degrees. And being that this is a space game whereas you can’t navigate unless you can look around, the thing remains useless.

Is this a bug or am I suppose to solve this another way?

its not a bug, chasecam has it’s restrictions and it was not though out as a space sim camera… if you change your distance by using “setdefaultdistance”, the camara actually rotates infinite times either way, but the camera gets inverted at some point… quite the odd behavior, also, some functions dont work properly… like “setUpVector”, it will just mess up the rotation…

im trying to fix all this, i believe madJack solved some of this a month ago…



The Chase Cam is locked at -90 and 90 degrees looking up/down respectively.

My guess is that you’ll have to code a Chase Camera for yourself.

Appriciate the help guys, but this was posted 3 month ago…

I used chasecam in one of my programs today and it works great and smooth, have no problem with it :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for trying to help tho :wink:

Oh crap. I usually always check the dates but not that time it seems. Sorry @Addez :confused:

No problem madjack! I appriciate the effort :slight_smile:

it was actually my fault :stuck_out_tongue: sorry… i was looking for stuff relating to chasecam and since this post wasnt that old, and didnt have any replies, i though about answering it :wink: thats why it looked “new”