Chasecam make my character appear to be shaking

Im using chascam to follow my character.

It works fine! Except for the fact that sometimes when he walks, and almoste always when he jumps,

The camera gets messed up and the character appears to be renderd at two diffrent heights.

Making the image very weard…

I searched on a fix for this, and so far I’v added chaseCam.update(tpf)

in my update loop. But the problem remains…

And ideas how to fix this?

Thank you normen, but I actually already saw that post and it’s not the same problem.

His problem is rotating his character to the correct direction.

I’v already done that.

My problem is that the chasecam is not running smooth even tho I’v set .setSmoothMotion(true);

It appears to jump between two diffrent places at some times…

Uh, yeah. That problem was discussed before, its a known issue.