ChaseCamera and MouseInput

Hey guys!

I tried to get a better understanding of MouseInput and Cameras, so I tried to build a simple demo with a ChaseCamera and a MouseInput.

I have loaded a 3DS model and put it into the empty scene. I added the ChaseCamera from the Flagrush Tutorial. Now there is my problem. The ChaseCamera allows mouse movements of the camera, but I want to use the mouse only for movement of my model…

Is it right that I have to write my own ChaseCamera that doesn't react on MouseInputs?

Thanks a lot! I'll browse the available properties then. :slight_smile: Pressing the middle mousebutton to move the camera is my choice.

No, you have a couple choices, either you can tell it to only move the camera when a certain button is held down, or you can disable the mouse input on the camera altogether.  The first is via property ThirdPersonMouseLook.PROP_MOUSEBUTTON_FOR_LOOKING, the second is ThirdPersonMouseLook.PROP_ENABLED.