ChaseCamera for Space-RTS


For my game I want to implement an input-scheme for a Space-RTS like Homeworld (I hope you know what I mean). I tried it with ChaseCamera, but it's very difficult to get the parameters right and also zooming does not work at all.

Can it be done with ChaseCamera at all? I searched in the forum and found quite some cases where a costum implementation was necessary. Unfortunately, after looking at the code I have no idea what so ever what you guys did there g, especially because it's not that well documented :wink:

Can you help me finding parameters for the ChaseCamera, or state another possible idea to implement it?

If you really don't know what control-scheme I mean, I will try to explain it… :wink:

Edit: Ok, I figured that zooming is already included here.

I also found out that the MouseLook object that is used by ChaseCamera can be modified. I simply set the maxAscent to 90 * DEG_TO_RAD (and respectively minAscent) and it works quite well now. But it's still annoying that after releasing the mouse button the camera drifts a but further. How can this be turned off or at least minimized?

Another thing is that the ThirdPersonStrafeActons do not really strafe. They first rotate a bit into the direction it's going to strafe and then they really strafe. The amount of rotation seems to be influenced by the height of the camera. Can this be turned into strafe-only without any rotation? Or am I doing something wrong?