ChaseCamera jumps around like crazy on low fps

I'm too lazy to care about loading models in a separate thread, which results in time per frame of 0.2 or higher at the startup of my app.

This is perfectly OK by me. But the chase camera I have attached to my avatar node jumps around like crazy all the time, it stabilizes when the tpf approach reasonable levels.

I've "fixed" this by updating the chaser with


instead of


Just letting you know in case someone else stumbles on this

You do realize that this will probably work fine on your machine but faster or slower machines (or even machines that have vsync) the chaser will end up being either much faster or slower response.

You might change your fix to use a fixed value if the tpf is > some value, and otherwise to just use tpf.

Another option might be to disable the chaser until the loading is completed.  You could use LoadingGameState as an easy way to display loading progress as well so people aren't wondering why everything just went "whack".  :slight_smile: