Chasecamera smoothness

I'm having some troubles with the chasecamera. It stutters a bit, especially at higer speeds.

I've tried to call ChaseCamera.update() from a physics callback (afterstep) instead of my main update() function, but it doesn't track my car when i do that, it just keeps pointing at 0,0,0.

If i just stick a normal Camera on my car and move it manually (just camera location = car location and camera rotation = car rotation, nothing fancy) and update it in my main update() it works fine, no stuttering at all. So i don't see why the chasecamera doesn't work properly.

i have the same issue, never got a chance to look into it unfortunately…

so i guess ill just join the waitlist here  :smiley:

Not sure if this will help you guys, but I was having an issue where the chase camera would stutter after i jumped or it would seem to stick to the terrain until I manualy updated the camera itself. (see code sample below) 

The ChaseCamera does not update the camera unless you set maintainAzimuth = true.  Not sure why as I am stumbling my way though game making, the smarter guys would have to let us in on that one.

  public void simpleUpdate()
    //update the keyboard input (move the player around)

    //update the chase camera to handle the player moving around

    //make sure that the camera is updated

    //We don't want the chase camera to go below the world, so always keep
    //it 2 units above the level.
    if(cam.getLocation().y < (tb.getHeight(cam.getLocation())+2)) {
      cam.getLocation().y = tb.getHeight(cam.getLocation()) + 2;