Check for Updates Failed

I think the best way to find out why your system fails to check for updates is, go to:

Tools (the tab at the top of the JMonkey sdk window) --> Plugins --> the tab Updates --> Check for Updates.

This way if it fails to update it will tell you why. For example I was getting this message:

“Unable to connect to the NBAndroid Updates because of Zero sized file reported at

So I clicked on the settings tab (the last one to the right) and unchecked NBA Android updates because the repository the message shows is an abandoned repository. Then I checked for updates once again. Now it works!


This is exactly the same problem I was having and this fixed it. Thanks!

is the nbandroid project abandoned or something? I’ve been thinking about experimenting with the game I’m working on on my android phone just to see how hard it would be to make an android “port” of it. But I’m simulateniously also wondering if I shouldnt bother trying if the android features of jme are all expiremental/abandoned .

  1. nbandroid is not abandoned, the update repo just moved
  2. JME android features are far from abandoned, we even have a dedicated core member to the task (iwgeric). Also IMO it’s now pretty stable an no more experimental, even if some features are missing.

Looks like the new URL is
I replaced the old with this one and it seemed to work great
I got that URL from their website at

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