Checkbox issue

hi again :slight_smile:

i tried the checkbox thing today and it works like a charm, but theres one problem/bug with it.

at the moment the checkboxes are positioned in a panel, that hide and shows itself on click of

the user, so that it aint visible all the time.

so when the user makes the panel show up, the checkboxes are checked, like they use to.

when the user makes the panel hide and after that show up again, the boxes are unchecked, without

being touched.

they still work and do what they should, but they are displayed wrong, everytime show or hide got active.

how can that be solved?

what nifty version do you use? the one bundled in a jme nightly build?

this sounds like something that has been fixed some time ago in nifty svn (probably in the nifty-default-controls project). so it might be you don’t have that yet :slight_smile: