Checking for JME3 compatibility - OpenGL Version?

I have seen this post somewhere before but I cannot find it anymore.

I need to check for the platform compatibility with JME3. Is there a magic function to do so? If not then I think a simple test would be to check for OpenGL version. If it is 2.0 or above, this is all good, if less, we are in trouble. Now the question is what function to call or constants / variables to check, and at what point in the execution that this could be done without crashing when the platform is not compatible?

I can see that on JME3 startup, the following information is printed:

27/07/2011 9:07:15 PM com.jme3.system.lwjgl.LwjglContext printContextInitInfo
INFO: OpenGL Version: 4.1.0

Somewhere there? I cannot find any documentation on the LWJGL library...

Sorry, I know where to find the documentation on LWJGL but not for JME3.

Either press F1 in jMP or click the “Documentation” link in the menu in the top of this page…

I have been through these :slight_smile: Any more direct hint on how to check that JME3 will not crash on a given computer? I am not that familiar with OpenGL and how to get to its guts in JME3. I can see that lwjgl library uses the ContextAttribs class its instances would have the OpenGL version information, however, would an object of that type be readily accessible somewhere from SimpleApplication? Thanks.

If you have been through the manual you must have missed this:

This is it! Thank you @normen, it was staring me in the face all the time in the console log :slight_smile: