Checking out jme2 with svn issues :: SOLVED

I am trying to get jME to work with Eclipse. I got it to work on my desktop computer great, but on my laptop I am having this issue. When I checkout the trunk folder on the SVN it gives me an error “cannot checkout”.

Here is a screenshot of the error

I don’t seem to have issues checking out from other svn repositories though.

I am using this tutorial for instructions to get jME to work

I am using Suclipse as my SVN plugin for Eclipse…

In the mean time I am going to see if I can get it to work iwth Subversive, but would prefer to see if I can figure out why it isn’t working with Suclipse.

Thanks for any help/information you can give me.

  • Zach

    EDIT: I changed my ip from a static ip to get one automatically from the DHCP and that seemed to fix this problem. I think it just had to do with reseting my internet connection.