Hey Monkeys, long time no see…

Did you guys heard about CheerpJ? Supposedly it can convert any jar to javascript…

So I did a quick test just because I’m curious, and OBVIOUSLY it crashes near the Window init, maybe related to some native access, JNI or something…

I would love to have Jmonkey inside a browser, If someone is interested we can make a team to work on this

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It may convert java, but it can’t automatically rebind jme to webgl.
To have any chance to get this working you would have to find first a way to write a renderer for jme that somehow uses the browser apis to access webgl, maybe there is something provided by CheerpJ for this purpose (basically calling javascript apis from java…).

Same goes for audio that in jme is provided by openal.

Just use three.js - it’s specifically designed for it. There’s no way without a complete rewrite and it would just be a three.js clone, so what’s the point?