Chinese jMonkeyEngine website setting up

Hi all.

I decided to translate jMonkeyEngine wiki into Chinese. Then I’m thinking that why not build a website for Chinese developers? :grinning: So I setup one.

Here are the links, fresh new.

I tried to register a .cn domain, after thinking about the GFW for one second, I get that idea out of my mind. A .net domain is also good.

I also published an article on the home page and put links to here.

Regards, Yan

Wiki not avalible now.
Forum change to


It is so cool Yan. As china has more than 1 billion population , I think soon your website will be burst by new members. So prepare yourself to host them :grinning: . I doubt your members may be even more than here ! :wink:
Good Luck Bro.

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Hmm wait?
You cannot do this…
Calling your web site jmonkeyengine let people think that we endorse it, which is not the case.
Also this is going to mess so much with SEO…
What is wrong with using the wiki?
@erlend_sh any comment?

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Sorry, I cant use that domain. I will change it to someothers. How about “”?

The wiki is very good but many of my friend can’t read English and discuss in this forum, so I want to make a area for them.

Again, the wiki is very good and useful, I will translate wiki and add them to both site.

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I don’t mean to do any harm to this community. I love here. If I have done anything that you don’t want please tell me. I won’t do it anymore.

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It’s great that you’re translating the docs, it’s appreciated :smile: As long as you’re open to working together with us all is fine.

The domain name should probably be changed, yes. But we can come back to that. Right now I’m more interested in knowing how you’re planning to spread the word about this Chinese site. Are you talking about it in public channels (besides here) already? It’d be best if you avoided promoting it until we can figure out how exactly we can best collaborate on contributions like these.

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I thought it is better to have your premission before tell someone else, so I only asked two of my friends to test the website.

Currently I am doing some sort of promoting, but I am not taking that big bang direction of building everything, , Usually in Egypt we study engineering or CS on English so fortunately I do not need to translate everything , I slowly build an Arabic mini blog on Egyptian Social network called chaino, I highlighted it as (Unofficial) Jmonkeyengine page, I post some topics regarding my WIP game and general topics in gaming and math.

I take it slowly and I hope it is surely as well

OK, I deleted the domain and changed to

It seems that I have to wait 48hours before it online.

I think this is the biggest issue.
Want to find answer in English? → google “jmonkeyengine”
Want to find answer in Chinese? → google “jmecn”

@yan: I guess the question was, why don’t make a version)
for every version)

The question from nehon was more in the direction: “is this not possible with jME wiki?”
Maybe a different forum might be needed - there might be technical problems.
I simply don’t know what is possible and what is not possible or not feasible.

Just one thing: I know how hard it is for Asian people to learn English. I get jealous on native English speakers very often, but when I look at Chinese and Japanese people then I feel very sorry for them, because learning English is extremely painful if you are used to ideographs and completely different pronounciation…

@yan, I think your intention is good, but you should create a jME3 Chinese Community, not try to translate the whole jME3 site. Also, if you want just to translate tutorials and documents on wiki, it’s better to use the wiki, like i’m doing to Portuguese.

Anyway, a Chinese Community would be great, but it’s a hard work to keep it.

I try to learn japanese (as a low level sidetask) currently :wink: Lerning japanese with english material when you are german is kinda problematic as well XD

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So I’m going to do 2 things:

  1. Translate tutorials and documents on wiki.
  2. Setting up a jME3 Chinese community.

In fact, that is just what I planned to do at the very beginning. I have translated a lot of articles on paper, now I need to add them to wiki. During this topic I registered another domain for Chinese community.

However, I already buy the domain “” from I don’t know how to cancel this order and get my money back… I’d like to contribute the domain to you if you need, or I’m going to call godaddy support.


You could just forward it to, thanks :smile:

Done. :smile:

In the China we are FORBIDDEN to use google. Some source code on wiki linked to are also out of reach. :disappointed_relieved:

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Ah yes … I have heard of “the great firewall of China”.
I thought that Google had a deal with the Chinese government, but that might not be the case anymore.
SEO means “Search Engine Optimization”. So it applies to other Search Engines too.

About the source code - is “github” okay?
We could ask the makers of the source code to transfer it to other code hosting sites.
Many might do that if we tell them why this is necessary.

Holy your forbidden to use google. Holy ****.Im totally chocked, allthough it shouldn’t really surprise me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ive heard a lot.I guess your used to censorship etc.

Is it true that the Goverment is gamifying being a good citizen? Giving you Point for certain things and making those Points depend on who you spend your time with?

70 years ago, yes.
Today, no.
Public media always speak what the goverment want, but we have private media. Just like the website I don’t want censorship so I register this domain in America.

Goverment make a wall, and we poke holes on it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

at least your government has a smart guys that can build a wall, we are here they not even able to make that wall :smile:
so they destroy the whole road :smirk:

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