Chinese jMonkeyEngine website setting up

Hi monkeys.
Hope still some one remember this topic. :grinning:

As I first register it at GODADDY, Chinese developer complains a lot about the laaaaaaaaag, then I dicide to transfer it to China.

It’s really a disaster to register domain at my country.

Everyone who buy a domain in China MUST register it at government, or said Police Station. Otherwise the ISP won’t provide any dns service for me.

It cost me nearly 1 month to wait for it, any police don’t work at weekends. :sweat_smile: Also wondering about how many people are there in my city…

Finally, I have the domain in China.

Now I’m tring to use discourse, it’s so hard to rebuild app because it’s alway failed to download ruby scripts. I can only do it when most of you guys fall a sleep. :joy:
@erland_sh any advises?

Good work @yan, but

Seriously, why is Google banned?

Does Baidu use every cent of its profit to lobby the government for it?

I wonder why too.
Not only google, but also youtube, facebook, and every site with porn content.:sweat:

Just a tip/warning if you want to really crank up the WTF meter go read the reasons behind why Google was originally allowed then kicked in China along with the general practices there regarding connectivity etc. It’s… a bizarre mess.

Or in other words: socialism.

More pants on head retarded levels of corruption plus a dash of old school control left over from the cold war. Like I said… a bizarre mess.

Well, google is a product of fat capitalistic rats with big moneybags. They force their workers to work 14 hours everyday. They only want to become richer while you starving in poverty.

And when you type request in Baidu you start feeling smell of holy Mao and even communism. After each link all people in the whole world become happier.


I’ma goina suggest that we stop this line of conversation since this is a discussion on the Chinese website setup and not a rant about politics. Let’s try to keep this friendly.

And when you type request in Baidu you start feeling smell of holy Mao and even communism

Lol, i died at this part :whale2:

I wont reply any of you above… Let the topic come back plz :joy:

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Question on the site then! Are you going to manually be keeping it up to date? A lot of the power I find in the whole JME thing is the community here to answer questions and come up with creative solutions to issues. Are you hoping to build a new unique community in China? If so will you be the go between for the different communities?

I’m currently finishing an open source game and it would be good if you could add Chinese language to it?
Also, adding Chinese comments in the source code would be super awesome.
This could be such a bridge connecting both communities.

I can only add English and German since I’m quite good at both languages. My French is too bad for it…

Yes. I’m building a new community about jme in China.

Every time we meet something that we cant clearly understand, we just read the source code and wiki documents. In fact that we already have a small group, we talk about jme3 or jme3.1 vir online IM software call QQ.

But it’s a pity that we cant keep all the valuable topics, that’s why we are setting up this community. :slight_smile:

It seem that every technical community in China would like to something like this:


I can do that if have time.

The police don’t work weekends!?! :innocent:

I just have to wrap this up lol.

You are now a moderator of /r/pyongyang.

Wait . . . wrong glorious leader. :stuck_out_tongue:

AHA! Time to rob everything this Saturday!

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All joking aside thanks for translating all this to Chinese, I’m sure a lot of people will find it very useful.