Choice of the new name for the project jME SpaceShift Editor

LOL. You understand that getting rid of the NAZI SS connotations was the whole point of this, right?

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Oh I must have missed that, my bad, that rules out my suggestion then lol.

I think Builder is a suitable word. Or maker/ creator.

How about jMonkeyBuilder or just MonkeyBuilder?

Maybe an ape species like Gorilla, Baboon or what ever

“Baboon Editor: You’ll go bananas for it!”


To be honest, I can understand if Alexander will not choose Sabre…because personally I think(and in Russia or CIS at whole many people think so) Sasha is a lame short name of Alexander.

He may want to change it to, I dont know, Albre (AlexanderBruiEditor) for example, it can have a meaning of ancient germanic names: adal “noble” and beraht “bright”.


I like the option Monkey Builder, it’s like GNOME Builder :slight_smile:


Maybe a crazy suggestion but why not make this the official editor? I’ve yet to use it but it seems nice and if that poll from May is anything to go by the current SDK is at least missing something. ( What IDE do you use? (2017) )

The current official SDK only wins if you include basic Netbeans, meaning that about half of those users aren’t using the features that the SDK comes with and if I understand it correctly, the spaceshift editor is directly focusing on those.

Unity also needs an other IDE if you want to write code and considering that that engine is rather popular having a similar setup for JME shouldn’t be a problem.

Again, I have pretty much no experience with JME as I just lack the time to make a game so there probably is something I’m missing and if I am feel free to call me out on that.

Well the official status implies that the core team is actually supporting it. Which is not even the case anymore for the SDK.
If by official you don’t mean that…IMO the official status is a bit useless…as it won’t change the way people use it.
We could point the users in the documentation towards the different options they have though.

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But it makes some limits to use some names for the editor :slight_smile:

like what?

For example:

“JME Editor” sounds lame anyway, Monkey Builder was a nice idea IMO

yep, I agree about Monkey Builder :wink:

I have added a poll about new name.

Just my 2 cents, I like the name SpaceShift Editor, I do not like any of the names in the poll.

If you must change the name then I have suggestions:

The JME3 Fantagulator

XED for JME3 - pronounced ZED, referred to as the XED Editor or just XED - from: gfX EDitor - or even as Xtened(or Xtensible) EDitor - you can even create XED for Unity and XED for Unreal 4 depending on how much time u have (i.e. it is just branding), it doesn’t even matter where the name comes from.

NaN Editor for JME3 - Got the name from Not a Nazi Editor (poking fun at the reason you want to change in the first place), we gotta be able to have fun eh? Also NaN is programming related. Could even be NNaN Editor (NNaN is not a Nazi, good old Nan), it’s a recursive acronym like GNU, you might be locked in to using an old woman as the logo though.

I like XED Editor (I don’t think it matters that it is GFX Editor Editor), however there is a Xed Text Editor out there but who cares about that eh?


haha, this one is good


Hehe thanks, I’m all out of ideas now though :smiley:

up :slight_smile:

Calling it “Jme Editor” would also just add confusion since there already is an “editor”. Making it “official” would in my view also require it to support all features the SDK does and allow it to be supported in the way the SDK does through plugins etc.

What’s wrong with “SpaceShift Editor”? Changing an established name is a big thing and people may end up calling it by the old name anyway. Just stop calling it “SS Editor”. Problem solved. Too long? “SpaceShiftEd”. Only 3 characters longer.

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