Choise for animations

Hello  :smiley: !

I want to try to make a doom-like game using jMonkeyEngine

The first problem I see is : how to make animations

I searched in the forum and wiki, and I find interestings things on bones animations, ragdoll and bhv animations

I want (if possible, and not too hard  ;)) some realistic animations, so i think at the begin use only bhv animations. I wonder if it's possible to merge bhv animations with physics (for exemple the arm of an ennemy that move when shooting on with the ennemy that continue its initial animation) and to combine too with ragdoll (for exemple swicth to ragdoll mode when ennemy die)

I don't know many things on animations, so maybe it isn't possible to do what i wanna do !

Please tell me if it's possible to make this, and how to make this, or tell me what it's possible to do !  :?

thanks !

everything is possible with an unlimited amount of time, money and labour.  :wink:

Take a look at ogrexml importer and diverse exporters for 3ds max, maya, blender, …