Choosing a physics engine

Hi all

I have been playing around with jme2 and jme2physics (ode impl) for some time  now and lately I have read a lot of postsw in the forums about the jbullet impl in jme2physics and the new jbullet-jme.

Do you think I'd better start to use one of them or should I get sticked using jme2ph+ode

Thank you all

use a jbullet one, since ode is instable and has random crashes.

I have experienced the random crashes of ode…  :? }:-@ that's one of the reasons for wanting to chabnge physics engine.

And now, the last question: which of the jbullet based engines is more "prooduction ready"?

Thank you again

jme-bullet comes highly recommended. It is actively maintained and further developed by normen, not to mention he is growing into a more active role in the jME project as a whole. In other words, it's the most accountable solution around right now.

jmephysics is a really good project too, but it has a little different aim and Falken (and apparently everyone else who might be capable and generous enough) is currently too busy to commit to it.

joliver82 said:

And now, the last question: which of the jbullet based engines is more "prooduction ready"?

Yes, as erlend has pointed out, jbullet-jme *cough* is the physics engine that I currently work on and its probably becoming the base for jme3 physics as well. Still, the current state is alpha, which means there is still some work to do and some bugs might exist. From my own experience, it is already more useful and stable than jmephysics2 but still..
But be assured that problems that you run into will directly be addressed and the jme2 and jme3 bullet-physics implementation will both benefit from your feedback.

Thank you for your answers.

I think I'll be trying jbullet-jme just to make you happy normen  :smiley: :smiley:

joliver82 said:

I think I'll be trying jbullet-jme just to make you happy normen

thats nice :)
to get the full package and quick updates, I suggest you download the svn version and compile it for yourself. this way you can get the newest changes with a simple svn update. hints in the wiki.


I also have important question (at least for me) regarding different physics engines. Currently I am using JME physics 2, but would like to move to jBullet if there are really so much advantages (although I didn't find much problems with JME physics). Anyway, as I want my game to be multiplayer, I have looked at JGN and saw that it also supports JME physics, so I would like to know if JGN will support jBullet too or I would have to manually code this part if I change my physics implementation?

If you look at the code for that JGN JME Physics implementation it is actually only one file(class).  Rewriting it for the JBullet-JME library should be quite simple.  Just sending the velocities and positions I believe.