Choosing jMonkey or Java3D?

I’m putting together a small application where I need to visualize packed boxes, and allow the user to interact with them to be able to move them around to different locations. Something like Sketchup looks like what I’m after, but this need to be an applet or JNLP type of deployment. It seems like a game engine would suit the application. It does need to communicate back to a server the final positions of boxes.

Is jMonkey a suitable platform? Is it much more complicated than J3D? I haven’t used either, so am looking to others for input.

It’s the other way around. jME3 is easier. J3D is more complicate, because you have to program everything alone and I think jME3 and jME2 is suitable for your project.

Some members develop network source at the moment, that might help :wink:

And we have a nice community, if you should have any questions!


I swear, I hear this question from time to time. We should put it in the FAQ, if we have one XD

Okay, I’m initially convinced. I downloaded the binaries for Eclipse and am following the instructions here:

Right off the bat, TestChooser.exe, doesn’t seem to work. I am also trying the next step in the tutorial for rotating a cube, and it appears as though it can’t find JOGL. I don’t think anything in the lib directory is getting used.

JOGL is not working anyway atm, use lwjgl. If you fail to set up your classpath in Eclipse, why not use jMP where everything is preconfigured?

DarkPhoenixX said:
I swear, I hear this question from time to time. We should put it in the FAQ, if we have one XD

I think you've been around long enough to know that its called the wiki and it loves new friends to make changes to it :)

On Topic: Unfortunately (or perhaps its fortunate?) I haven't used Java3D, but by most accounts jME is much easier to jump into than j3d.

Interim update. Intel 965 chipset here. I think I may need a driver update. Good to know about the lwjgl. I am already downloading jMP.

FYI, I have updated my drivers, and have gone through the tutorials.

I’m now working on a simple prototype. Thanks for the help so far.

I’m looking at implementing a very small subset of Google Sketchup. The Scene and boxes are already set. The user will move boxes with the mouse. The idea for now is:

middle button + drag rotates the camera/payer around a point in the current view – like Sketchup

shift+middle_drag translates the camera/player – like Sketchup

wheel translates the camera/player – like Sketchup

left click selects box

left drag moves box. This last part will need some thinking on the behavior. Do I snap to axes, move it to a ray collision intersection?