Choppy graphics with Oculus Rift lib in direct mode

Hi, everyone!

I’m new to the forum, to jME, and to Oculus development. I have been trying to get everything set up for a few days now (I’ve had the DK2 for less than a week), and I finally got things working in NetBeans using Phr00t’s build.

When I run, things are a pretty choppy unless I move my head particularly slowly. Might I have a problem with my setup, or is that just a limitation of the project at the moment?

I’m running Windows 7 SP1 on a 3.07GHz Core i7 with 6GB RAM and a GeForce GTX 460.

Thanks in advance, and thanks for all the progress that has been thus far on the project!

Are you using direct or extended display mode? Try the other one and see if you still have a problem. Also, check what your FPS is like.

(A general note: For new questions, consider raising a new topic in the VR Forum. It will make it easier for others to find it).

I was using direct. I’ll give it a shot on extended, and I’ll compare the frame rate for both.


(Haha, I normally would have started a new thread. I thought that maybe you all just did things differently here, since this is the only Oculus thread, and it’s so long!)