Chromium browser display in JMonkeyEngine via Java Chromium Embedded Framework

Hi there,

I made a small project which integrates Java Chromium Embedded Browser into JMonkeyEngine. This can be useful for displaying browser rendered content into JMonkeyEngine.
Here: GitHub - PhilAndrew/JavaChromiumEmbeddedByteBuffer: Renders into Java ByteBuffer

The main work was to modify Java Chromium Embedded ( Java code to allow the ByteBuffer to be accessed and then rendered to the screen in JMonkeyEngine. So the main code here is the difference in Java code between JavaCEF and this code base.

I hope someone can help to make it into a more useful “plugin” to JMonkey Engine.

Thanks! Philip


It’s funny you should post this, I was on about doing this myself the other day.

Maybe this can be a candidate for the work @jayfella has been doing of “pluginifying” project