Cinematics ( CutScenes ) and Dialogs

Hi everyone ,

i found some very old topics in here about Cutscene , but never found anything about dialogs…

I’m a newbie on JME , practicing a lot since 1 week , and i have the goal to do a little 3D RPG.

I really wish to know is anyone found anything about doing CutScenes in games ?

I was thinking about using a lot of viewport with forcing the camera doing things , but i’m really not sure so i guess i need advices.

And what about Dialogs ?

I wish to have a story and character who are talking , i would need some help to do that since i didn’t found anything about it.

Thanks a lot in advance !


You can use a combination of CameraNode and AnimationPath to make the camera move, although both are very new additions. Complete “Cinematics” is not really implemented although the basics are mostly there and theres also interest from the developers side to get something going in that direction.

I tried to use Camera Node but it seems it’s not yet implemented on JME3 , or am i missing something here ? I’m sorry that’s my first time on this IDE i wish i could have some help ^^.

I was thinking that maybe i could use coordinates of the character to start the cut scene that i could implement in the updategame class

By the way , i’m still in need about text dialogs please ^^

CameraNode is in jME3, but not alpha2. You need to either use jMP or get the nightly builds to use it.

Is there a way to install nightly builds ? i didn’t find tutos for that…

BTW for the text dialogs , i was thinking about using Nifty gui and a XML file , am i on the good way ?

Yeah you can use nifty

Here is a link to nightly builds (Download/Nightly in the forum menu)

Look at the TestAnimationPath and TestCameraAnimationPath for an example of how to handle spatial and camera movement with animation path.

I’m gonna make a post and a wiki page to explain this new feature.

It’s not a complete cinematic maker though :p, it’s just the beginning and allow you to make smooth travelings with the camera, or moving a spatial along a path.

For the dialog, nifty is what i would choose yeah!

Thank you so much , i’m going to test that immediately !

I think i’m missing something here , Nightly build are installed but i got a lot of error now with TestSimpleWater for example :

… cannot find symbol

symbol : method setLightDirection(com.jme3.math.Vector3f)

location: class com.jme3.water.SimpleWaterProcessor

TestCollisionListener :

addCollisionGroupListener(com.jme3.bullet.collision.PhysicsCollisionGroupListener,int) in com.jme3.bullet.PhysicsSpace cannot be applied to (jme3test.bullet.TestCollisionListener,int)

getPhysicsSpace().addCollisionGroupListener(this, PhysicsNode.COLLISION_GROUP_02);

Note: uses or overrides a deprecated API.

Note: Recompile with -Xlint:deprecation for details.

Make you you are using the last JME nightly build

When using jMP, just update to the latest nightlies via the update center (see F1 help)

got it , now i have a question , i was reading the TestCameraAnimation class , and i would like to have Waypoints separated like this :

I did this with paint lol , but since everyWaypoint are connected does anyone has any idea of how could we do Segment Waypoint with an order ? ( so we can create real cinematics )

Use 2 path.

Anyway, i’m currently rethinking the animation path. I separated the path from the controller so the path just handle interpolation between points and the controller handles movements of the spatial.

So for example 2 spatials could follow now the same path at different pace or at different moments.

This is part of a more global reflexion on how to handle cinematics properly in JME3.

I’m sorry about that but don’t put too much time in this because the API is very likely to change in the next few days.

really ? in the next few days ? ! That’s a Great news ! please keep me in touch i’m so interrested :wink: !

Hi again , i was looking at the in the new SDK /nightly build and something is bother me.

There is a chase camera that i really don’t want since i want to have all of control of the camera around the object , i tried to put a class i wrote to do that but , when i summon the teapot location i got an error , i tried then to search in the motiontrack class but everything seems to be protected


public int getCurrentWayPoint() {

//compiled code

throw new RuntimeException(“Compiled Code”);



My goal is to have 2 or 3 camera on the scene so i can film what is happening on the waypoint to do real cinematics.

Since i can’t put my own camera i want to know if someone tried to do some tests with this class and tell me how could it be done

Regards ,


Why dont you just update jME via the jMP nightly update center? That also gives you the source and javadocs.

Dude, this is not finished, i’m currently working on this and the API changes on a daily basis, seriously, don’t spend your time on this right now, because everything you’ll do could be for naught next week.

Btw I’m planning to provide a way of doing what you want : easy switching between cameras.

About the “compiled code” problem, are you using JMP?

This looks like the source zip is not there…

Thank you , you two , nehon i’ll follow your advice and thank you so much for the work you are doing on this , i’ll skip it for now until you are ready to release your work.

P.S : Source Zip are there btw … , and when i update nightly build i go to download > nightly build and replace every file in my programmefiles folder

danath said:
P.S : Source Zip are there btw ... , and when i update nightly build i go to download > nightly build and replace every file in my programmefiles folder

Uh, thats totally not necessary and wrong.. Just go to Tools->Plugins->Settings and enable the nightly update center, as written in the Manual, the docs and the Welcome Screen :P

i’m using Eclipse how do i do that ? lol