City generator for blender


just found a pretty cool city generator for blender. Only the version for 2.49 is free, but one can generate the city in 2.49 and load it in 2.5 then.




Wow, this one will be handy, I can replace my own ugly cube ‘city’ with city made by this. And fortunately version for 2.5 should come in this month (anyway, loading blender 2.49b atm).


SCG 0.5 will be released in October 2011

The next version, Suicidator City Generator 0.5, is under development. It will be compatible with Blender 2.5+,

and will come in two flavors: the Standard version, equivalent to the current one, for free


As it sounds the 2.5 version will be commercial tho.

Looks cool :).

video :):

And another one, also for blender:

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It looks its not for blender 2.5 :/.

normen said:
And another one, also for blender:

liked this one better, the last time I messed with them, last year some time.... you generally get more detailed buildings and u cold even add your own building lib with some work the complex buildings lib aren't game ready but the last time I checked the SCE was much better suited to distant panoramic shots

Andrew Price also has a great tut for building a Highrise its more suited for symmetric designs but with a little clever thought you can get around that nicely and also this one you only build a hall way but just like the first it uses arrays to shape "pre-fab" parts into the hallway

I think for global skylines the first one looks more interesting. But the latter allows adding more detail.

Interior mapping would be very nice when creating cities

Humus - 3D

unfortunately this demo is for Direct3D 10.1 (hlsl), not glsl.

Suicidator-City-Engine 0.5-coming-in-October 31, maybe last chance to preorder the 0.5 pro version today,

you can get a free version too.

0.5 works under Blender 2.6 too, For me is SCE 0.5 pro just a awesome tool for my next project.