Class Not Found Exceptions

Hey all,

Started using jMonkeyEngine SDK for the first time this week and I have kind of been thrown in at the deep end.
I have inherited somebody else’s code and I am struggling to get it running on their machine (they are also on holiday for a few weeks so out of contact).

The problem is when I attempt to run the code I get errors like “WARNING: class [jme3test.helloworld.StartScreen] could not be instantiated (java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: jme3test.helloworld.StartScreen)”

I was under the impression that these would fix themselves after importing the jme3-test-data.jar but it has not.

Any suggestions on how to fix this or what libraries I need?

Many thanks

Craig Martin

Start from the standard tutorials (the SDK will generate the full set of test suites, tutorials, etc for you as a project if you ask it to (under new project)).

Get those running - then look at what is different about the code that fails :slight_smile: