Class Player extends DynamicPhysicsNode

Hi all,

I have a problem with inheritance. I want to do a Class Player, and this has a atributes like Name,Description,Force,Velocity,…

I read the tutorial for JME the flagrush, and when He creates a Vehicle, he were doing:

Public Class Vehicle Extends Node

And when I do the player, I want to extends of DynamicPhysicsNode, that is a abstract class…  I do the class "Player" abstract and extends DynamicPhysicsNode, but how I can createDynamicNode(). how I can inicialized the  Player?

There are another way to create a class Player?

Thanks for all!

and sorry for my bad English… ://

Make a class Player, which has a DynimicNode.

Dynamic and static nodes are created by the physicsspace so in this particular case you cannot extend your player with it and inject the Node in it. I would extend from node, create the dynamic node  in the constructor attach every dynamic-related object to it. then just attach it to your player class. and now you can attach your player-class as wanted to the scenegraph. something like this(not tested):

class Player extends Node


  private float health;

  private DynamicPhysicsNode  d;

  pubic Player()


    d = getPhysicsSpace().createDynamicNode();