Client/Server application proof of concept

I’ve written a poc for client/server applications, and am releasing it under GPL-3.0. Some of you have seen a few screen shots, as it was under development. I recommend cloning branch poc-5-14-20.

git clone --single-branch --branch poc-5-14-20

Other features of this project include:

  • client and server communication and synchronization.
  • Usage of CSG to create geometries.
  • Use of audio sources.
  • Point sprites.
  • Launcher dialog.
  • Directional and ambient lighting.
  • Use of bullet physics and CharacterControl

When the program is successfully run, you will find yourself standing on a rotating table of the Tao symbol, surrounded by floating “wisps” representing each of the five elements - wood, fire, earth, metal, and water.

If running as a client connected to a server, and another client connects, each of you will see each other as floating, horizontally oriented, pink cylinders, that will move and rotate as you navigate the scene.

You may also jump.

I plan on continuing to build my work on this code base, and anyone else is welcome to do the same, under the rules of the GPL-3.0.

Thanks for everyone who has provided code examples, guides, tutorials, and the jmonkeyengine itself. You are awesome, and have solid shoulders.