Clipping Region

I'm sorry to bother everyone with similar questions – but is there a way to set a clipping region? ClipState is interesting, but you can only define clipping planes with it. Wouldn't a better way to clip a scene be by feeding in a geometric bounding object? Something like rootNode.ClipRegion(new Sphere(size, location))? In this case, everything outside of the sphere would be clipped.

You can do that with StencilState using some combination of back/front face culls and draws. Do a google search on "opengl stencil buffer".

While I understand the concept of the stencil buffer, I'm kinda thick headed when reading a bunch of C++ code on the net.  :P  Especially since I don't know C++.  :wink:

I think an example of StencilState is needed, as I need this desperately for my implementations.  In the mean time, I shall read up on ShadowedRenderPass and try to figure it out.  :)  I had written a post before about this in a RTS game, and would really like to see an example.  :slight_smile: