Cloning imported model nodes

I've seen that CloneNodes can be made with a geometry, but my question is whether the animation controllers, textures, etc. will be preserved properly if I'm doing this for an imported model such as an ms3d (since I've tried Blender for md5/collada export and have decided I hate it to pieces).

The whole reason I'd like to clone these nodes is so the animations can be playing back at different rates/times in multiple points in the scene.  Is there a better way to go about that?  Thanks for any info.

I have a similar question. What is the best approach to take when wanting to duplicate animated models throughout your scene? For instance, I may have multiple turrets that are firing their animations separately, and it would be nice if I can easily clone the node and reuse it.

What I decided to do for this issue was to store the Byte arrays representing the binary data representing the JME conversion of each ms3d.  Then I can simply return the node by using this preconverted byte array the next time this ms3d file is requested instead of reconverting.

theNode = (Node)BinaryImporter.getInstance().load( new ByteArrayInputStream( theBytes ) );

It still seems like I'm going through a decent amount of work running the binary importer again for something that's already been loaded into a node.  Is this a good solution for avoiding reloading the same file repeatedly?  I feel as though there might be a better option but haven't found anything.

Take a look at CloneImportExport.  It avoids the overhead of streams.