[closed] importing simple blender cube

I’m using blender 2.60a with standard distribution.

There is simple cube modeled in blender with diffuse and specular maps that was refused to be imported by jmonkey.

There is another cube that was imported smoothly.

Wrong one: http://rghost.ru/35810370

Right one: http://rghost.ru/35810346

what’s the matter?

Should this behavior be considered as bug or as a feature?

Man. Do you really think I’ll know what’s your issue by just uploading your models here without screenshots and details?


Both cubes have one face cut out. Both have correct UV. Blender screenshots are all ok. jmonkey SDK just refuses to load “wrong” model and doesn’t says more specific information. This screenshot will be useless.

The main difference is UV. Mesh is the same. Technology to produce cubes and materials are identical.

There were an error in more complex model initially, but I’ve managed to reduce working and failing example to minimum - just two cubes

The issue happens because you have a texture applied to the model that doesn’t come from a file and isn’t procedurally generated (the UV image).

I made it so that textures without extensions aren’t loaded, this fixes the issue in SVN

I’m very sorry for my mistake. The bigger model refused to import because of having unupplied mirror modificator.

Thanks all a lot