Cloth and jME

Renanse, I liked the picture of cloth in jme on your blog and I was wondering if you were going to put it in the cvs?

Thanks! I’m working on a better version and if I’m satisfied with that one (coming along pretty nicely, I think!) then I’ll put it up for the usual debate as to whether it should be included.

It does look pretty cool, Ren.

Last week, I was killing some time, and started looking around at rag-doll physics. I came across this “article” from one of the programmers for the ‘Hitman’ series.

It has some interesting ideas on rag-doll physics and cloth simulation. They’re both (apparently, from reading it) pretty efficient and relatively easy to program compared to other methodologies.

Thought you might be interested.


Very interesting, I’ll add this to my list of resources. Thanks!

Ok, so I’ve finally put in the time to polish up my Cloth code and I’ve even extended it to allow for collision with other items. See the Code Review section for more.