Cloth effect questions

1: Is it a possible idea to import a mesh and make it into cloth patches

2: Also in the cloth demo is the effect correct?  Should the sphere go to the other side of the cloth like that?  I pictured more like a cloth on a clothes line effect like you can push to the other side.

  1. No not yet.
  2. It has flaws to be worked out still to be useful in every set of circumstances. :slight_smile:

when i said possible i didn't mean has it been done but is it possible?  Have a few questions do the cloth patches have to flat,square/rectangular, and does it sub-divide to the need number of polys?

The main problem i see with creating such a thing could be the flat part clothes aren't blocky like that but if collision was working you could do it flat and it'd form fit to the model thus creating a curve. the square/rectangle shape isn't really a problem just a concern.

I don't know if this helps at all but looking at the demo for awhile on the first pass it pushes it out but then it's like the collision can't keep up with it and the cloth is in the middle of the sphere then it get pushed out the back end of the sphere.  The second pass it completly diffent it places it's slef on the other side of the sphere and the sudden jump seems to carry it out alittle further.

Yeah, it's because instead of knowing to slide up and out of the way, it stretches flat until hitting a breaking point.  Sometime we'll get back to working on that, but at the moment, .10 features are taking precedence.

what about cloth shape the constructor subject  they can't be square like but could you make a square and rotate it.  Then it's only a matter of making a system from top to bottom where they are attached by cloth.attachChild() and stitch them together basically.  Only problem with that is I don't think something effecting one cloth will transfer over just because they are attached,

The cloth effect is simply based on the Spring, SpringNode and SpringSystem classes.  Cloth does not have to be rectangular, or any other shape, it's a matter of generating the spring connections between the particles in the cloth.  You also can turn it however you like.  You can also use the spring stuff to make rigid bodies, gelatin cubes, etc.  It's just a matter of understanding those math classes (found in com.jme.math.spring)

Hope that helps.

oh alright so the cloth effect if perfect:-D just gotta solve that pesky collision problem .10 sounds better everyday