Cloth slow now

has any one noticed that cloth got real slow, my cvs," not updated in three months :x"  runs the test a t208-290 fps dropping to 60fps with collisions while the nightly test never cracks 27 fps on my machine. :-o…something changed :?

Interesting.  I'll have a look today and see what's going on.

I noted this on my build too. But on my ati it seemed phenomenally better then the nvidia at work. By no means a conclusive test.

why were these unused variables added to CollidingClothPatch?

private CollisionTree collisionTree;
private boolean sortTree;

It's definitely due to changes in the way triangle based collision works.  Dynamically changing meshes trigger rebuilds of the collision tree which in this case makes lots of garbage.  If you don't need collision, use ClothPatch instead for now.