Clothtest suddenly sluggish

I don't know if anyone else has experienced this but the clothtest is run at 15-23fps for me and mouse input stuttery everything

else runs between 680-800fps  :-o


ge force 6600GT


512 ram

wow Win2k! that's really oldschool!

I know but XP gives me the heebie jeebies programs that refuse to work, mysterous crashes, the firewall flat lined some months agoand keeps gonig down no matter how much I repair/reinstall, and zone alarm bluescreens it :?, I use it for gaming mainly.

besides Win2k is old but stable moreso than XP IMO

anybody???..on the cloth thing ofcourse

No, you are right, I'm seeing it too (on XP Pro).  I'll look into it.

Well profiling shows that the finger points squarely at OBBTree.  Where it used to be ok to recreate the OBBTree every frame, it suddenly is CPU intense.  Going through the cvs history to try and pinpoint where that happened.

It seems that tri-sorting is the major culprit, both in terms of object churn and cpu time.  I've introduced a way to enable/disable sorting, which appears to work just fine.  I've also trimmed a few other object churn spots.  See how that works for you.

between 65-195 at 1024x768x32 thanks, not what it was but the changes in the timer code might account for that, the flactuation seems wild though

the timer fix accounts for most of that (run webstart cloth demo with fraps…) and the fluctuation is mostly due to our collision code (ie it only does something during a collision)

will do that soon and thank