Code highlighting in forums


the forums now support code highlighting. If you use normal “<” code tags the highlighting will be for java by default. You can use other languages by using square brackets and the language name as tag name, like [myLanguage]code here[/myLanguage]. Supported tags for example are “c”, “cpp”, “xml”, “scala”, “groovy” and even “patch”. Look here for a complete lst.


public class MyClass{

public void myMethod(String param){






Nice, thanks (old one wasn’t really readable…)! :slight_smile:

Excellent!! Next task is to bug the snippet developer to make them work inline in posts :stuck_out_tongue:

@sbook Yeah, its really handy, already re-used a script in a post :slight_smile:

These are the parameters you can pass to the shortcode and what they do. For the booleans (i.e. on/off), pass true/1 or false/0 e.g. [lang light=“true”]

autolinks — Toggle automatic URL linking.

collapse — Toggle collapsing the code box by default, requiring a click to expand it. Good for large code posts.

firstline — An interger specifying what number the first line should be (for the line numbering).

gutter — Toggle the left-side line numbering.

highlight — A comma-sperated list of line numbers to highlight.

htmlscript — Toggle highlighting any extra HTML/XML. Good for when you’re mixing HTML/XML with another language, such as having PHP inside an HTML web page. The above preview has it enabled for example. This only works with certain languages.

light — Toggle light mode which disables the gutter and toolbar all at once.

padlinenumbers — Controls line number padding. Valid values are false (no padding), true (automatic padding), or an integer (forced padding).

toolbar — Toggle the toolbar containing the helpful buttons.

wraplines — Toggle line wrapping.

wow, I hadn’t realized it had so many features… good stuff!

Ok, I disabled the “toolbar” (because it was slowing down the page severely in most browsers) and then I had to disable the line numbering because w/o the toolbar you cannot copy the text to clipboard without the line numbers :confused: When the plugin updates to the most current version of the highlighter javascript I can enable both again as it should be loads faster then.

For now you can use the parameters above to enable the features if you want.



@normen did you remove the line numbering in the syntax highlighter? I sort of liked those :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, because you cannot copy&paste the code without the line numbers :confused: (see previous post)