Code Metrics Support?

Hello all. Is there some way to easily gather metrics on code. IE number of lines of code, number of classes, number of methods, etc. Is there a plugin available to do this? Is there a way to add eclipse or netbeans plugins to the jme sdk? Sorry I’m rather new to this platform.

Thanks in advanced! ^.^

Well the jme sdk is netberans, so you can use any ntbeans plugin

There was this old “Metrics” project from 2001 on Eclipse, but it’s outdated and won’t work on the latest Eclipse version.

Never found a plugin to do this, since… But I’m still looking for one.

check the total matches in the search field then

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I hadn’t realized that netbeans plugins could be used in the jme sdk. I knew it was based off of netbeans but yeah, you’re right. I can literally use netbeans plugins. Thank you ^.^