Collabora & Microsoft to Bring OpenCL 1.2 and OpenGL 3.3 to DirectX 12 enabled Devices

In case anyone interested:

This also probably going to open a new path for JME on Xbox.


Xbox already “works” by using ANGLE by Microsoft (OpenGL ES → DirectX), but the problem was my JVM fork (which is already soo much outdated again :frowning: ).
The last missing piece is actually the CodeCache which has to be writable and executable at the same time, but XBOX/UWP forbids that and so I’d need to write my own implementation which bypasses this which is not my expertise.

Also I made the mistake of just slamming code inline instead of adding a new architecture.

Is this CodeCache what is needed for JIT?

What about building a native image using Gluon Client Plugin + GraalVM which won’t require a JVM or JIT at runtime, and then convert the generated native .exe to UWP with Desktop App Converter or MSIX Packaging Tool? Any thought?

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This won’t work reliably for everything specifically if we don’t have the source code, we’d need to rewrite gluon stuff, which probably is possible as well.

But on the other hand I got relatively far.
Still JME on Xbox is the wrong dream to chase for now, we should work on our core problems instead of getting overboard and having nothing solid anymore.


Of course.