Collaborative draft for jME Progress Brief

I've started writing this year's second progress brief for the jMonkeyEngine project. The draft is publicly viewable and editable on Google Docs:

jMonkeyEngine Progress Brief - Google Docs

This brief is for the period of mid-April to the end of August (I might hold off publishing it until after we've released alpha-2). It can't be considered another "quarter brief" because my calendar math is messed up (just read the draft). So at least for this year there will only be three "progress briefs", as opposed to four "quarter briefs" that I'm hoping to achieve for next year.

Feel free to contribute a snippet of any progress you deem worthy of mention, with or without a link. If you'd like to add a project of your own, maybe ask first, or announce it in our forum if you haven't done that yet. Keep in mind that we acknowledge the difference between commercial and hobbyist projects, and we'd like to emphasize the importance of both, so don't think we expect big-investment standards from every project we link to.

I commented on it, and fixed a typo :slight_smile:

The system works!