COLLADA 1.4 Support In

Prepare your computer, as COLLADA is in CVS. And it's a large update, jaxb generated files. I'll post about specifics, but it supports (generalized version):









<visual scene>

This also includes the introduction of the SkinNode and weighted skeletal animation. (again, a more detailed post will follow when time permits).

There is not a test in yet, as I'm waiting on our artist to get a nice model together.


yeah! :slight_smile:

btw: darkfrog shouldn't that be a "croak!" ? :stuck_out_tongue:

:-o  Christmas so soon this year ?  :smiley:

Was this code designed to run in an application or as a converter?  :?

If it was designed to run in an application I was wondering why it dose not support more then one instance. With darkfrog working on making multitasking possible it would seem to me to make sense to have a thread safe loader. You can only use this loader in one thread at a time.

If it was not designed to run in an application the java doc should have a warning.

Honestly, I'd have to agree with Badmi on this one. :o

No it was not designed to run in an application. COLLADA is an intermediate format and would be too slow to run in the application. However, you can make use of it (one model at a time) using cleanUp(). I'll document that a bit better.

thanks a lot!  :slight_smile:

i'm really looking forward to the tests.

Still waiting on the LAZY artists to export a model for the test. :slight_smile:

Last I talked to him, he said he was almost ready. Once the test is in, I'll write up a wiki or something on how to use it.

Also, please feel free to examine the code and make suggestions.

mojomonk said:

Last I talked to him, he said he was almost ready.

almost ready to what? to consider of thinking of beginning with the export?  :P
mojomonk said:

Still waiting on the LAZY artists to export a model for the test. :)

hehe, I hope those artists don't read this board - otherwise it could take even longer now XD

Can they read?  Oh, oops, nvmd me.

For those of us poor developers that are stuck with the FeelingSoftware version of the 3D Studio Max exporter, could we get a simple HOWTO for dealing with the process of exporting?  I am having some problems with models and I remember hearing that the exporter is very specific about what the settings needed to properly export and work.  This would be greatly appreciated as I would assume the majority of people that will use the COLLADA support will be using that exporter.

Perhaps our good friends Mojo or Renanse could do up a quick paragraph or two about how to accomplish this and then I would be happy to transpose it to the wiki. :wink:

i suppose if they knew how to export, they wouldn't wait for that artist :stuck_out_tongue:

lol, we now have a great importer for everything, but unfortunately nobody knows how to write that magic format . . . g

It's not hard… just export to COLLADA and then import it!

I promise, I'll put together something REAL SOON NOW! As soon as we get our model delivered (something non-proprietary), I'll put together the test and write up a little tutorial. I'll have them write up how to use Feeling Soft as well.


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does it blend animations. won't be able the use the skinnode for a while still though blender support isn'tthere yet.

No, it currently doesn't blend… although Mr. Coder mentioned something about adding it… see what I did there? Now he becomes the responsible party.

i'm used to that by now  }:-@