Collada, a futur standard?

Recently, I've seen, especially when I discovered AgentFX, that Collada is going to be popular. And when I've seen the demo of agentfx which load a full animated Collada scene, I was a little… impressed.

And now, I've seen that jME cvs includes a Collada section, not only an importer class but a full package.

Do you think that the collada format will be the next main gate to import meshes, characters and levels?

I hope so. Finally there's a format that's not just open, but also extendable and standardized by an organization (the same one that standardizes OpenGL these days, the Khronos group).

Sony sure hopes so, and they are putting a lot of money into making sure of it.

not enough money  :stuck_out_tongue: S (cough cough exporters cough)

seriously, i think collada is the way to go yes, but as with everything, it too needs to mature a bit…

Amen to that.