Collada Help

I'm currently trying to import a Collada exported scene into a sample application, and was wondering if there was a write up someplace on how to use it.  I have loaded a model successfully, but what I'm trying to do is import the whole scene, lights, models, etc.  I'm guessing I could load it, and then rebuild a hierarchy, but I would have to know all the model names, to pull them out.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I'm not entirely sure what you are trying to accomplish, but a collada scene should load with the same hierarchy that is stored in the collada file. If you are not sure where your objects from a particular collada scene end up, try the excellent tool "SceneMonitor", you can find it somewhere on the forum. It shows the scene graph tree and a lot more information about your scene.

I'm basically a noob when it comes to Java/JME(but not to programming)  I'm trying to basically get a sample that loads a collada.dae file, and can't get it to load an entire scene.  I searched trying to find a simple sample that could load a .dae file and that would be a good start, basically I don't want to have to port my scene loader over from c++ just yet.  I'm just trying to get a scene out there, and find out what type of performance one can expect, so on.  Ultimately if things pan out, I want to port over my game engine to JME, basically wrap the engine calls to JME.  The current engine is mostly scripted with .lua, and basically the engine is a .lua player, so once I get a 'Java player' the game should port over(in theory :)).