Collada importer vs MD5


I've read in the wiki that the Collada importer is a bit buggy. I wonder whether using md5 or Collada. I am new to game development and this will be my first 3d game. My models will be spaceships, what do you recomend?

Thank you

unless your ships need to do transforms on aircraft parts like flaps or something, md5 or even collada, given its buggy state is overkill, obj, 3ds, jmexml export for blender would be better

if it has to be one of the two, take md5, it is has a lot more features implemented and isn't as buggy as collada. btw, i think collada loading should be removed from the jme overview site, since it simply cannot load collada models.

Are you going to create the models on your own or are do you use resources from the internet?

If doing you are creating them on your own you might also think about jME's own exporter for blender:

Or OgreXML:

We are a team of 4 persons. 2 of us are programmers and the are artists. We are doing this as a College project. We just have 4 month.

The animations are simple. When the ship fires, the cannon moves. Stuff like that.

3ds supports that?

Thank you a lot for you help

PD:  I'm reading the flashrush tutorials, but are they being continued?

3ds has some kind of animation but I don't know exactly what it is. Never used it. If you want animated models you should use HottBJ,OgreXML or MD5

3ds is practially useless for animation…

feeling soft's collada exporter works ok with jme…

i've imported animations from max using it into jme and it's been ok…

but collada isn't really supported by jme anymore…

as ttrocha said use hottbj, ogrexml or md5…

What modelling-tool are you going to use?

HottBJ-exporter is blender-only. For Max there are only ogre and(?) md5-exporters

Nerian said:

The animations are simple. When the ship fires, the cannon moves. Stuff like that.

yeah okay then as suggested, u can use md5, ogrexml, hottbj

We are going to use MD5. Thanks a lot for your time ^_^