Collada troubles, some dummy objects please?


I have a lot of trouble importing collada from blender.

I tried importing the models from

The stone loads great, the textured cube comes in all mangled.

Problem is: I have a presentation tomorrow and need some simple objects to push around.

Could you help me out? I basically need a cube with a texture and maybe a ball or pyramid.

It would be really awesome if somebody with a working collada creator could export that for me.

My mail address is - remove the Xes

Or answer me here.


The cube is mangled because it uses polygons which aren't fully supported. <triangles> is the only support I have put in. Also, the have a Node id set to "Cube" and a Geometry id set to "Cube" which creates problems, ids are assumed to always be unique.

They do have a cube_tri.dae file that loads in fine (after changing the name and id of the node). If having non-unique ids is valid then I'll have to have separate collections for the libraries. I don't believe that non-unqiue ids is legal, but I could be wrong.

Is there a reason you must have models?  Why not just create Boxes and Spheres in jME and texture them?

This is because I extend meshes and nodes with some additional functions I need. I don't want to pollute my model by adding cube and sphere classes, as I would then have to subclass them again for my objects.

Wouldn't Boxes, Spheres and loaded Models all have the same super class?

I'm at work so can't look at the code but I'm pretty sure they will, probably Geometry or something.