ColladaImporter delay?

Is the ColladaImporter processing the model in a separate thread? Because when I load a model and try to access its vertexbuffer, all in simpeInitGame, the vertexbuffer is empty, but when I check the vetexbuffer later, triggered by user input, the data is there.

If so, how do I know that the model is finished loading?

Also, I get a little confused trying to get vertexdata from the SkinNode:

I get a Geometry object from SkinNode.getSkin(). Should I iterate through the Batches in the Geometry object and getVertexBuffer() from each batch or should I getVertexBuffer(int) from the Geometry itself?

ColladaImporter has no threading internal to itself. Are you certain you aren't processing in some other thread?

Geometry.getVertexBuffer(int) is the same as doing Geometry.getBatch(int).getVertexBuffer()

Ok, I've figured it out. The VertexBuffer just wasn't rewound.


Maybe thats something that should be done by ColladaImporter at the end of the import?

Thanks btw.