Collapsing / applying transformations to mesh vertices


I have 3d objects which I’m applying scaling and translation to, however, I need to extract all the positions of the vertices in the mesh with the transformations applied to each vertex - but I can only manage to get the original positions before scaling etc.

I know how to figure it out the long way, but was wondering is there a quick or more obvious way I could use, to basically ‘apply transformations’ to the vertices of the mesh based on the hierarchy of the nodes it belongs to and the respective transformations applied.


If you just supply a geometry to GeometryBatchFactory, it will apply the transform. You can get it as the first child of the node you get returned

cool thanks!

ok next stupid question,

where is GeometryBatchFactory ?

i looked in jme3tools.optimize, but it isn’t there, I have alpha 3.

Its post-alpha3, update to nightly.

sorry - how do I update to latest build?

Press F1 read the manual on updating :roll:.

thanks for you patience :slight_smile: