collideWith doesn't work properly

I'm pretty sure something is messed up with the collideWith method in Node and its subclasses.

I'm setting up a simple scene with a few Boxes in it, and in simpleUpdate I do collideWith with a Ray

equivalent to the camera position/direction.

This works OK until I translate and/or scale the Boxes. It's impossible to get a collision for any point in the Box

that is outside of the join of the original position/size and the new one.

I've debugged a bit, and it seems as if even if the world bounds have been calculated correctly, there is a collision tree created using the raw Mesh data of the Box, and those vertices haven't been transformed into world coordinates, or so it seems.

I might do something wrong, but if I am, the interface for collision detection is to use in an invalid way.


You're absolutely correct. There's a bug/issue in the system that doesn't take into account transforms applied to the meshes. I have started attempting to fix it, but you're of course free to do so yourself. It is definitely going to be fixed for the release of alpha2.