I started to complete the flag rush tutorial but of course i don’t know what mojomonk wanted as collision system.

i started by creating a bouncing wall.


thanks for the contribution!

Cool that you are looking into advancing the Flagrush tutorials. Have you looked at the JGN FlagRush lesson also? Because adding the collision detection into the networked version in the correct way would be an excellent addition also I believe…

JFN Flagrush thread

FlagRushTutorial Network part in JGN Trac

I will look at it and will add it later in the wiki too.

I am a bit busy, so it can take a while before i add something new.

(and i am not really a very good java-programmer.)

some changes:

still a bouncing wall but now the player can't get stuck in the walls

and a new node 'walls' to easily integrate new walls in the game play